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The Mystic Test Book or the Magic of the Cards (Paperback)

The Mystic Test Book or the Magic of the Cards Cover Image
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The publication of this work was, we might say, forced upon us by the demand, before even a page of manuscript was prepared for the press. The demand was caused by members of the Temple, who recognized the necessity of a printed text book, from which they could study the meanings of the cards and their indications under the seven planets.
These brothers and sisters naturally wished to perfect themselves in emblem reading as rapidly as possible, and they could not so perfect themselves, without a full and complete set of tables that they could study and refer to at will. The next trouble that arose was the question of expense, as, aside from the printing, engraving, binding, electrotyping and matters of that kind, the author's time was, and is now so valuable that the item far overbalances those mentioned.
It was finally decided that the most feasible plan, was to get out enough copies to supply more than our immediate membership and to sell them to outsiders under certain restrictions.
We only intended, at first, to get out a book of about one hundred and sixty pages to be bound in cloth. But the generous subscriptions forwarded to us caused us to change our mind and we began writing additional copy. We are so occupied with Temple work, that this extra labor, together with superintending the publication and proof reading, has caused considerable delay beyond the time first set. We are sorry for this, but it could not well be avoided.
Please remember, friends, that the price charged for this book is not for the size nor the binding, nor the number of pages, but for the matter itself. The emblem delineation department is alone worth more than the price charged for the entire work. We have placed much other information in the book in addition to the tables of readings, in order to compensate our kind friends for the patient waiting and the numerous subscriptions they have procured for us.
We certainly undertook the work at a time when the conditions were extremely unfavorable. We have been overrun with work in the Grand Temple, and down town shops engaged in the lines connected with book making are all full of World's Fair work. At last we have overcome the obstacles and here is the book which we hope will please you.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781534765795
ISBN-10: 1534765794
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 18th, 2016
Pages: 258
Language: English