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Student: Soul Aspect Evolution as WholeBodily Love (Paperback)

Student: Soul Aspect Evolution as WholeBodily Love Cover Image
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Evolution of WholeBodily Love via soul aspect evolution is at the heart of this work. How this is done, in this realm, in our Universe is explored: the ego Universe, the Fields of Light, the Sacred Body Factories, the manifestations inhabited by the soul aspect(s) and how appear here, and how related to here are all explored. This nonfiction work could be called a work of Spiritual Evolution, of one kind of Spiritual Evolution - which begins with that feeling of being separate from Divine Love called ego, with development of identification with this ego-I and then the many ways that the Feeling of Divine Love once again becomes Felt by the ego-I. The means whereby this becomes possible, this FEELING again the Divine Love from which we egos have become unconscious, and profoundly separated, are explored in this work. Ultimately it is the evolution of the Soul, via its thousands of soul aspects exploring the many realms of existence, which is of interest here. Each soul aspect is an offering lovingly given over to Divine Creation for exploration - and these soul aspects inhabit the manifestations, giving Life to these manifestations so that Evolution of the Soul can occur. And yet, there are Life Forms which Evolve in Our Universes who do not have a Soul, and hence no soul aspects are needed for their Evolution....They Are already WholeBodily Love and Its Expression. But OUR Evolution Our Human, Animal, Plant, Mineral Evolution - Earth HerSelf, we all rely upon our soul aspects for our evolution to occur... Hopefully, Evolution of WholeBodily Love to occur. This difference in Evolutionary pathways is explored.

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ISBN: 9781643676708
ISBN-10: 1643676709
Publisher: Urlink Print & Media, LLC
Publication Date: August 6th, 2019
Pages: 102
Language: English